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Victoria + Adam :: Duke Chapel, North Carolina Wedding Photography

It was as if everyone were transported to another time, or place. With a setting as awe-inspiring and magnificent as Duke Chapel, it was only appropriate that Victoria be transformed into the princess she was for her wedding day. With a smile she couldn’t erase if she tried, Victoria was beautiful as she made her walk down the aisle from bride to wife. Friends and family poured in from all over to witness their vows, and even the couple came in from Virginia to celebrate in their parents’ hometown. Adam is thoughtful, loving, and known like no other by his bride. Victoria is fun and outgoing, while still possessing a gentleness that seemingly whispers through her dimples.

Vicky + Adam :: You’re starting your own family now, and what a blessing you’ve both come from such wonderful homes to continue a legacy that honors one another. Marcus and I were so grateful to share in your day, from beginning to end, and we wish you both so much love and joy (and wins for the Steelers!). WE LOVE YOU!

First looks are just as precious to us as they are the couple!

Giiiiiirl, you gowgeous!

I can’t imagine how magical it must have felt to walk down the aisle!

So much fun!! And sweet Adam was so handsome, even in 95% humidity!


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  1. Victoria

    Absolutely love them! Amazing pictures from incredible photographers! Thank you

  2. Barb

    Pics are great. I’ve been so excited waiting for them. You really captured the moments!

  3. Babbo

    SPECTACULAR! Beautiful photography. These shots are wonderful. This “Chapel” makes an awesome backdrop for this wedding. Very regal and majestic. Adam and Victoria seems to be enjoying their day to the fullest and you two have captured that beautifully. Another successful photo shoot…congratulations! xoxoxo

  4. Gene Hahn

    Adam, you have a beautiful wife. Have a happy life.

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