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Melissa and Sandy’s Arizona Biltmore Wedding

Two people, souls, that had walked so far and had done so much, were uniting as one. As she walked down the aisle to her groom, there wasn’t a dry eye to be found. Sandy and Melissa are a presence. When they’re around, you know it. You immediate feel cared for and loved well.

These traveling East Coast lovebirds were ready to begin their legacy on Southwest turf. Arizona has been a special place for them both, and when Sandy proposed to his sweetheart in the desert, they knew it would be the perfect backdrop to share their beginning as husband and wife with so many friends and family. Both Melissa and Sandy genius medical professionals, so it’s only fitting they met in a hospital. As if long hours and demanding days weren’t enough, their programs are in different States, making any free time spent traveling to see the other. Although the distance was tough, they committed to making their time together all the more cherished.

Melissa is amazing. Her smile is breathtaking and her heart radiates from deep down. She’s a blast to be with, thoughtful to her core, and a very hardworking and passionate woman. Sandy is a gentleman through and through. His witty charm, genuine kindness, and endearing excitement for life are admirable in every sense of the word. He loves his family and his girl with a fierce adoration. He’s a man of many trades, and is always up to pursue the difficult but worthwhile feats in life. Witnessing them interact on their special day was perfect. He is completely smitten with his girl, and we pray they will always cling to one another with such fervor.

Melissa and Sandy, you are so incredibly dear to us. Melissa, I think you of as a kindred soul. We were instant sisters (whether or not you wanted it!) and I loved every minute of being with you on your big day. Sandy, my hubby thinks you’re the greatest, because you are. We are so thankful for your generosity and welcoming heart. We hope you’re in our lives for the long haul. Love you to pieces, you two!!

biltmore wedding imoni001This beautiful woman lost her mother before the wedding, but we felt her mama with us in so many ways. Her life is so gracefully carried out in her daughters, and she was honored from start to finish.

000016780005biltmore wedding imoni027

Melissa and Erika had their mother’s handwriting tattooed on their arms. Love, Mom.

biltmore wedding imoni029biltmore wedding imoni024
biltmore wedding imoni026biltmore wedding imoni028

This wine. Ah! Sandy not only has impeccable taste in women, but also rare wines. This is a 1989 Chateau Margaux, from the Bordeaux region of France. It’s one of the highest vineyard classification systems there. WOW.

biltmore wedding imoni039 Sandy Melissa015

Sharing that once in a lifetime bottle, and looking mighty handsome doing it.

biltmore wedding imoni040biltmore wedding imoni041

How gorgeous is the joy on Melissa’s face?!000016700001

biltmore wedding imoni042biltmore wedding imoni043

biltmore wedding imoni050Cuuuuuties!

biltmore wedding imoni016biltmore wedding imoni011

biltmore wedding imoni014biltmore wedding imoni013

biltmore wedding imoni012

biltmore wedding imoni056biltmore wedding imoni053

biltmore wedding imoni044

IMG_9838IMG_9899The ladies at Imoni Events were, as always, fantastic in every way to work with!

biltmore wedding imoni021biltmore wedding imoni020

These sunset photos make my jaw drop. Melissa is just. so. beautiful.

biltmore wedding imoni018biltmore wedding imoni019

biltmore wedding imoni033biltmore wedding imoni045

biltmore wedding imoni046


biltmore wedding imoni009Sandy Melissa179 copy

biltmore wedding imoni006biltmore wedding imoni005

biltmore wedding imoni004

biltmore wedding imoni008biltmore wedding imoni007

biltmore wedding imoni034


A huge THANK YOU to the phenomenal wedding team!

Wedding Planner: Samantha Glascock of Imoni Events
Wedding Venue: The Arizona Biltmore
Florist: Petal Pusher
Hair: Bernadette Rios of Leiden Mitchell Salon
Makeup: Sarah Sanmarco
Baker: Classic Cakes and Confections
Videography: Serendipity



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  1. Bethany D.

    Wow. That is one stunning bride and a very powerful and beautiful story. Wow…

  2. Sharlene Langner

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple

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