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Krista + Robert’s New York Wedding

We were newbies. Freshman in high school, just trying to make friends. Krista quickly became a lunch buddy, a confidant, then a sister. Spring breaks, birthday celebrations, and trips all over the world kept us close, so even when our paths diverged geographically, we never lost touch. Watching and growing alongside Krista has been such a joy and honor. The woman she is today makes me so proud to know her (and makes me cooler by association). But to watch her marry a man like Robert and see them completely sold out for one another? Stop it. It’s just been too good.

While working and pursuing her PhD with every ounce of excellence possible, this hard-working, driven, gorgeous girl started noticing a friend in a different way. Robert had been in and around her life for so long, but the timing had never quite been right. Well, until it was right. This man is amazing. He cares for people SO. WELL. He thinks before he speaks, is intentional with his time, and is the guy trying to anticipate your needs before you even know you have one! Not only is he so easy-going and fiercely loyal, but he’s also a blast to be around. Together, these two will be unstoppable. We all know it. They are so passionate about Christ and serving others, it’s exhausting to think of the possibilities in front of them. Oh. And they’re outrageously good looking, which basically makes everything else I said so much more annoying.

The wedding day was perfect. Krista readied upstairs in her parents’ home while Robert put himself together downstairs. Forecasts had called for thunderstorms all day, but what happened instead was a steady morning rain to give extra life and glow to the abundant flowers in the garden. When the skies parted just in time for the backyard ceremony, everything glistened with the remnants of God’s faithfulness. Her family, who I like to think of as my family, had put so much love and time and prayer into this day. It was intimate and meaningful. What more could you ask for?

K&R :: You knooooow how much we adore you. We’re also really hoping Operation “Get this couple in our lives 24/7″ pans out in the next year. We’re so excited for your big move and all the challenges and rewards that will come from it! Thank you for letting us share in something SO special. We will never forget being part of your beginning! Love you to the moon, you two!

Kirk Wedding008

Kirk Wedding012Kirk Wedding023

Kirk Wedding044Meanwhile, this guy…

Kirk Wedding056Kirk Wedding059

Kirk Wedding091Kirk Wedding096

Oh. He’s peering into your soul, too? Okay.

Kirk Wedding089

Kirk Wedding060Kirk Wedding070

Krista glowing just minutes before seeing her groom!!

Kirk Wedding108Kirk Wedding110

Kirk Wedding117Kirk Wedding124

Kirk Wedding145Robert’s father performed their beautiful ceremony and Krista’s father had the opportunity to pray over them!

Kirk Wedding154LOVE this moment.

Kirk Wedding185Kirk Wedding187

See this gorgeous wedding gown? Krista’s MAMA MADE IT from scratch! Stop it.

Kirk Wedding209Kirk Wedding219

Effortlessly beautiful, this one.

Kirk Wedding221Kirk Wedding220

Holding his wifey for the first time!

Kirk Wedding215Kirk Wedding216

Kirk Wedding213Kirk Wedding212

Kirk Wedding223Kirk Wedding251

The. best.

Kirk Wedding222

Kirk Wedding239Kirk Wedding247

Kirk Wedding229There’s mama - the genius behind that lace masterpiece!

Kirk Wedding275Kirk Wedding266

Strolling through town before a divine dinner.

Kirk Wedding289

Kirk Wedding292Kirk Wedding290

Kirk Wedding300Kirk Wedding303

Too gorgeous!

Kirk Wedding321Kirk Wedding322

Kirk Wedding325XOXO!!!

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  1. Babbo

    Krista is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. An absolute living doll. This couple, Rob and Krista will go places and do mighty things. These pictures are amazing, Gina and Marcus managed to capture the essence of the day. A truly glorious day when these two became one. God’s blessing on both of your lives as you live it for The Lord. xoxo

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