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Alexandra + Anthony :: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada Wedding

Years of international calls, skype dates, road-trips, sad departure flights, late shifts at the hospital, and the sting of not being together made everyday life seem impossible some days. Canada is home and where love had first pinched them. When Anthony pursued his medical career in Chicago, Alexandra graciously and patiently waited until the perfect time when they could marry and she would join him. How much sweeter every morning, every meal, and every kiss must be, knowing the days of ending trips and parting ways no longer have a place in their relationship. It was only fitting that such a long-anticipated wedding be the unending celebration it was.

In case you don’t know, an Italian wedding commonly centers around two things; food and family. On that morning, both were in abundance. “Did you get something to eat?’ ‘Have you eaten yet?’ ‘Come over here, there’s food”. The words fell like manna from heaven, and with cheese and prosciutto in hand, everyone hugged and kissed for what seemed to be days. This is the beauty and warmth of an amazing, close family, and it is so true of the two that came together because of Alexandra and Anthony.

Anthony hails from a long line of hard-working men that value sacrifice and caring for those God has given them. As tradition has been passed with each generation, the sanctity of friendship was evident in all who surrounded him. Whether friends from birth or college, every. single. one. was there to enjoy and support his greatest accomplishment; marrying his beautiful bride Alexandra, of course.

She is genuine, loving, supportive, and unmistakably gorgeous. This woman is like a soul-sister to me, and watching the way they love one another… just does something to your core. They will be the cutest wrinkled (although still fabulous), shorter, shove-food-in-your-face grandparents who loved one another well for years, and years, and year.

Alex + Anth :: We’ll never forget our first night with you over Greek pastries and divine cappuccino, listening to your love story, and becoming absolutely smitten with you as a couple. I couldn’t have felt more at home with your families in Ontario, and the way you all loved and treated us will be forever cherished. We love you SO stinkin’ much!!!!

Nothing like starting the morning with Dom Pérignon!

Tea and brioche. UGH. This is why we’re twinsies.

The bridesmaids were beyond wonderful.

 I spy some red bottoms and a stunning girl.


 Anthony was SO SHARP! He had not one but two custom made suits, and the perfect details to top off the look.

I know, right? Their children will be genetically superior in pretty much every way imaginable.

 He had us all tearing!

 The architecture of the church was breathtaking.

 A couple days before the wedding, Alexandra’s nonna was checked into the hospital. She was heartbroken, so she set aside time for us to surprise her in the hospital with a corsage and kisses. Such a beautiful moment!!

 How adorable are they with these balloons?!

 SO in love.

 They made a wish and released them to the sky.

 They are too perfect in this precious old car!!

 So, so regal.

 Alexandra. You. are. BREATHTAKING!!

 We had to stop at the Romance House!


Can’t end without thanks to everyone who helped create such a perfect day!

Venue: Club Italia
Church: Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Florist: Pauline Vanderkuip
Cake: Criveller Cakes
Hair: Gaetana + Josephine Di Pietro at Sorelle Hair Salon
Makeup: Carly Young of MAC
Videography: Bright Sky Wedding
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Dress: Demetrios from Michelle my Belle

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  1. Babbo

    What a stunningly beautiful couple! Your pictures are amazing. Anthony and Alexandra are truly photogenic and Gina and Marcus you have managed to capture their emotions for the day so beautifully. They truly seem to be perfect for one another and that is wonderful to see. Wishing them both ALL the best life has to offer them as they begin their new life in Chicago. Marcus and Gina, my compliments to you also for these beautiful images! xoxo

  2. Lena Del priore

    We had a beautiful day… and everyone looked stunning… can’t wait to see all the photos!

  3. alok

    These pics are incredible! B wants to get married again so you guys can take our pics (this is unlikely to happen).

  4. Rachel Leigh Greene

    These are fabulous :D. And how precious that they took time to visit her grandmother!!

  5. MeMe

    WOW! Looking through these GORGEOUS shots of this STUNNING couple is like drinking honey with my eyes! That’s all I can say. Yes…I’m speechless. XXOO

  6. Bella

    Beautiful Gina & Marcus!

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