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It starts the moment we meet

We are Gina and Marcus

The relationship with your spouse is unlike any you’ll ever have. Just like your love story, you can expect our photography experience to be full of surprises, thought, intention, and heart. It starts the moment we meet, and lives on long after the wedding day.

We Are

Picture of Gina Meola

G according to M

With one word, I’d describe Gina as ‘selfless’. She is one of the most hard-working, humble people I’ve ever met. I love that she sees life differently and that she’s lived and traveled all over the world. Gina first studied film photography while living in Italy, and has taught me everything I know! God gave me the greatest life partner I could have ever dreamed of. My beautiful, talented wife… Can I get a what what?!

Picture of Marcus Murphy

M according to G

This guy’s amazing. Marcus is a passionate leader, friend, foodie, and dreamer. He’s magnetically drawn to the ocean, people, bowties, movies, a good story, and kale. Well… he’ll choke down the kale, so maybe he’s not drawn, per se. I’m constantly amazed by his ability to communicate and connect with just about anyone. Growing up on a horse farm with his grandaddy instilled an oldtime gentleman’s charm that I just adore. He is wildly gifted, and even if I weren’t married to him, I’d still think he were pretty swell.

My Confidant, ally, well-spring in the wilderness… We are blessed beyond measure to do what we love, with the person we love. God has so graciously placed us in each others’ lives and allows us to grow with and care for couples that inspire and blow us away, daily. We know this venture reaches far beyond us. It is simply a vehicle to love and serve with excellence, while we watch God’s mighty hand at work.

Our Philosophy

Your marriage is more than an event, more than a day, more than a wedding.

It’s a life long journey with your best friend.

Planning a wedding can, at times, feel overwhelming. That’s why our photography experience not only

puts you at complete ease, but allows you the freedom to focus on what truly matters

- one another.


For us, the real fun starts here. If we had a mantra, it’d include really knowing you as a couple, and this, my friend, is the perfect IN! Our engagement photography experience is crafted to ensure this precious season in your world is captured and remembered. You’ll also be pampered by a personal fashion stylist and makeup artist. These ladies make the preparation process as simple and fabulous as can be!

And if you’re like EVERY couple we’ve ever worked with, you may be cringing at the thought of having a big camera in your face. Rest assured, you’re hiring a duo that takes full responsibility for making sure you’re comfortable and having a b-l-a-s-t. Your job is to show up and love each other. Period.


It’s personal. We believe in marriage, not just weddings. You and your fiancée will enjoy a breathtaking day with the people you love most, but this one day will become the foundation on which you build every single day moving forward.

Our goal for your wedding is to make it better by being there. Because you’ll learn to trust us, the last thing you’ll be thinking about on your wedding day is photography. Taking on a limited number of weddings each year allows us to create timeless images that reflect the beauty of your UNIQUE love. YOU are different, and so, your photographs will be too.

Twenty years from today, we want your children to peel back the pages of your wedding album and feel like they were there. Your daughter will show her girlfriends how breathtaking mom was, and your son won’t recognize dad with all that hair. These photographs are important in ways you can’t even imagine yet, and we so divinely value the beginning of your new family!


Dreaming, creating, styling, collaborating… you’re speaking our love language. Let us know how we can make your vision come to life!

Our Services

You and your fiance have unique personalities, tastes, interests, experiences, and values, and we cherish that no two engagements or weddings will be the same! To help foster the things that set you apart and make you special, we’ve established a handful of services to best care for you during this time.

Marcus was insistent the men not be left out! Often, weddings can feel like the girl’s ‘thing’ and the guy ends up forgotten by the side or become a wallet. NOT COOL! This is your (plural!) wedding day, and it should be special and exciting for you both!

We believe wedding albums are priceless forms of art that tell the story of your day and new family in a way the computer screen… just can’t. Our custom, fine-art, handmade wedding albums are a living, tangible display of so many incredible people and memories!

We are nothing without the brilliant people behind GM Photography, and two very special team members you’ll come to know and love are AVE Styles and SN Makeup! They are part of your engagement experience and often the wedding, too!

Our Raves

- Christine + Kyle

What a blessing it was to have you and Marcus be such a big part of our wedding and we won’t have it any other way!!! We will forever cherish our time with you two and I hate to even say it was so wonderful “working with you” because it always was such a blast and never seemed like “work”!

Anyway, I can’t say enough how amazing the pictures are, how amazing you two are, and how amazing you two made us feel throughout our whole engagement and wedding!! We MUST stay in touch!! I miss you so much!!!!

Testimonial image for Christine + Kyle

- Mia + Dean

We can’t say enough about the two of you. You guys just get it!! Not just in the awesome job you do and how you adapt on the fly to the situation, but your abilities to connect with people and make everyone feel very comfortable. You fit in like family guys. You put smiles on everyone’s faces (including ours!) and we are so happy we had you capturing our special day!!

Testimonial image for Mia + Dean

- Danielle + Brian

Oh, my gosh, Gina. I could cry! The photos are absolutely beautiful and are more than we ever could have imagined. We’re so thankful for the wonderful experience and for the talents that God has blessed you with. We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to capture our day. We love you! XO!

Testimonial image for Danielle + Brian

- Paige + Brent

Gina, Your words and photos are spectacular! Thank you! It was such an honor for us to spend the day with you and Marcus. You really helped make our day the most magical day of our lives.

Testimonial image for Paige + Brent

- Payal + Abhishek

I couldn’t have asked for better photographers to take pictures of the biggest day of my life! Gina and Marcus are two exceptional people who not only take beautiful photos, but they become friends you want to know forever. Amazing!

Testimonial image for Payal + Abhishek

- Sarah + Buck

Every time we look through our pictures, we are speechless. Our wedding day was perfect in every way. We wouldn’t have changed a thing, and we love talking over our memories and savoring what was the best day of our lives. As we look through our pictures, it seems even more perfect than we remember, which is why we are left without adequate words. You exceeded all of our hopes, and we are thrilled to say “Gina & Marcus shot our wedding.”

Testimonial image for Sarah + Buck

- Kari + Charlie

It’s impossible to describe in words what a blessing it is to work with (and to know) you. After researching several photographers, we knew we had to work with you. You truly are one of the most talented wedding photographers in the country, and there is no question we picked the best in the business. Gina, as anyone who looks at your website can see, you clearly possess incredible talent. But what separates you from everyone else in the industry is your connection with and devotion to your clients. You are the only vendor we worked with who truly cared about us. We give thanks to God daily for putting you both in our lives!

Testimonial image for Kari + Charlie

- Kristine + Hisashi

You have such a gift for making people feel not only comfortable, but truly beautiful. Your talents and sincerity assure every couple who works with you that they will have a collection of photographs that celebrates the happiness of the day - especially those elusive, natural moments of “us” that everyone is hoping to capture. For me, the best of these moments were during our first look, but I see them throughout the day, from when we were getting ready to when we stepped away from the party to catch our breath and watch the sunset. We are so fortunate to have met you and feel honored to call you friends.

Testimonial image for Kristine + Hisashi

Our FAQs

Where are you located?

We’re based in the heart of San Francisco, California! We also travel frequently between Phoenix, Arizona.

Why are you selective with the couples you work with?

We’re about investing; investing in your life, marriage, and wedding. To give our couples the attention they deserve, we only accept 20 weddings each year. We want to be the very best fit for those 20 couples, so taking extra care and time in the beginning helps us AND you identify your needs.

How much do you charge for wedding coverage?

After meeting with you, we’re able to tailor a Collection to your needs. We can’t wait to hear from you!

What does 'Full Day Wedding Coverage' mean?

It’s been our experience that weddings don’t happen in six hours. Because we care about those deep breaths and unnoticed glances, capturing your day and its intricacies means we’ll be with you from the hour before you get into your gown until the last formality.

How long after the wedding will we see all our photos?

Your wedding images will be processed, uploaded, and sent out within five weeks of your wedding.

How many pictures do we get?

Variants like the size of your wedding, amount of detail, time with just the two of you, etc., all factor into the final number of images from a wedding day. On average, we turn around between 500 and 800 finished images.

Do you specialize in a certain type of wedding?

We specialize in relationships! Weddings that allow us to create an over-the-top experience for our couples are. our. fave. Big or small, we swoon over a wedding that is intimate, meaningful, loves on its guests and really reflects the couple.

What happens if we live outside of Arizona?

We’ve traveled and shot across the world, and offer collections exclusively for weddings outside of Arizona for that reason! We would love to talk about tailoring an experience just for you!

How do you help us prepare for the wedding day?

My lists have lists, so you’re in good hands. We work very closely with you and your wedding coordinator up until the wedding to create a comprehensive timeline for all the events of your day.

What’s a 'first look'?

For us, it was one of the best choices we made on our wedding day! A ‘first look’ means seeing your soon-to-be spouse before the ceremony. It allows the space and time to truly absorb all the emotion that hits you the first time you lay eyes on one another. It also allows time for beautiful couple portraits, some of the formal wedding party and/or family pictures to be completed so you’re free to enjoy cocktail hour with your loved ones!

How do I reserve my wedding date?

Because our couples are spread across the map, reserving your date is a seamless, online process. Once the wedding agreement and retainer payment are made, we’re all YOURS!

we are nothing without it

We strive for expertise in our craft and management, and in doing so, allow you to put your time and energy into what’s truly important. With years of experience, you can trust us to take care of the details. You can also view our work on blogs and in magazines across the country.

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Growing an international brand from the ground up has given us experience in creating, sustaining, and expanding a small business in numerous markets. We’ve learned so much over the years through our successes and failures, education, and mentorship from across the globe. We’re passionate about seeing others pursue their dreams in small business and providing the tools and resources to get them there! Whether it’s hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs or one-on-one coaching, we’re committed to partnering in your vision, goals, and success!

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Gina Meola Photography is based in San Francisco, California and primarily serves California, Arizona, Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe. Weddings outside of these destinations will be considered on an individual basis.

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